Jin Jing Gong

Jin Jing Gong – Nourishing Tendon, Muscle and Essence Qigong.

I am so happy to introduce Jin Jing Gong and especially to teach the movements at my clinic in Double Bay. It is a natural extension of my work as an acupuncturist to recommend the Jin Jing movements to my clients. Happiness includes good health and good health depends upon good circulation. Jin Jing Gong promotes sustainable, balanced energy and circulation in the physical, emotional and mental aspects of a person.

In my busy daily schedule, I find it incredibly rewarding to make time for the practice of Jin Jing Gong. It gives a radiation of health and well being throughout the body, resulting in increased energy of body and mind. Regular practice will bring about a sharper perception and a clearer understanding of the miracle of life, while heightening our natural abilities. This is a gift from the ancients who treasured its practice so many centuries ago, knowing that true happiness must include the possession of vital life-force and inner harmony.

Jin Jing Gong is breath and meditation in movement. It is a complete system of internal and external exercises with breath work, used to optimize physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health. As a moving meditation, Jin Jing Gong can stop energy loss, boost immunity and protect life-essence. It can increase circulation and prolong life by nourishing our natural biorhythms. Regular practice can strengthen and nourish the entire body and influence the mind to be quiet, allowing our deeper consciousness to surface.

Like the sun and moon, heart and kidneys sustain warmth and deep circulation throughout the body. All healthy organs are a part of this deep, balanced circulation of blood and qi (energy), securing the way we feel and think.

Introduction to Jin Jing Gong means that everyone can gain a first hand experience of the warmth of increased Qi circulation and take home a wealth of potential for future development. I encourage all my students and clients alike to take advantage of our training program and to continue with the practice of Jin Jing Gong and meditation. I am always available to assist you, so please contact me at any time for mentoring of Jin Jing Gong and your ongoing commitment to vital health.

Mark Phillips 

Yi Jin Jing Time Table:
Wednesday     Qigong            7.15am (75minutes)
Saturday         Qigong            7.15am (75minutes)
Friday             Friday by Appointment




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